Can I smoke weed 2 days after a tooth extraction?

Answer Dude as a stoner my self i would say hell yes cuz i just had a friend go through surgery on his throat and the doc said you can lol so it would just ease ur pain so smoke on or keep calm and hit a... Read More »

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When can I smoke again after a widsom tooth extraction?

Never. It hurts your lungs and because it's a surgery they cut open your mouth which can get infections and lead to more mouth surgeries

When can I smoke after wisdom tooth extraction?

Keep smoking and you'll have all your teeth extracted.

I just got a tooth extraction on tuesday around 4pm today is thursday is it okay to smoke now?

See if you can quit smoking! That'd be awesome. Smoking leads to disaster and is very bad for you. If you can quit, do it! It'll totally be worth it.

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago; should I be able to smoke weed tomorrow?

Nope I dont think so you should wait longer.