Can I set my wireless router NOT to send out a signal?

Answer On that router, once you logged into the router, go to the wireless tab, which brings up the basic wireless settings. Under the Wireless Network Mode, select Disable. This will disable the wireless... Read More »

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What type of signal does a wireless network router send?

A wireless router uses radio frequency to send signals in order to transport information between computers. This is the same type of signal that is used for cordless phones and microwaves.Source:Mi... Read More »

Can you have a wireless router send a signal of internet to another computer that is about 2 streets away?

well if you have some money, yes this can happen. This is actually an antena that you can hook up that some business's use to use for their outdoor "courtyards" ie.. college's. Check it out. on top... Read More »

Can I get ethernet service from a wireless signal through a wireless router?

No. Your spare wireless router will only transmit the network connection, it won't receive a network signal and send it back out through the wired ports... you would need an access point device to ... Read More »

How to Enhance the Wireless Router Signal by Yourself?

  Now, use a wireless router to a family LAN has been very common, and often each other to copy data between computers, but often very slow data transfer rate when the signal is not strong enough,... Read More »