Can I send wine through the mail?

Answer Whether or not you can ship wine by mail depends on which state you're shipping from and which state you're shipping to, since various states prohibit the direct shipment of wine and other alcoholi... Read More »

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Can you send wine by mail to Alabama?

Direct shipping of wine, beer, spirits or other alcoholic beverages is unlawful in Alabama. Consumers are allowed to send wine shipments directly to an Alabama Beverage Control, or ABC, store with ... Read More »

E-mail was hacked and when I send e-mail the replies seem to be going to e-mail hackers set up by changing one?

change the reply to in your e-mail set-up of whatever program you use.

How to Send Mail From a Different Email Address in Mac Mail?

When you compose a new outgoing message in Mac Mail, the application sends the message through the account corresponding with the last inbox that you viewed. However, you may have configured severa... Read More »

How to Send Snail Mail Using L Mail.Com?

Twenty-seven places for your letter to be mailed fromYou want to send someone a letter, but can't seem to put pen to paper. There are ways around that, in this day and age, and is one of... Read More »