Can I send wine through the mail?

Answer Whether or not you can ship wine by mail depends on which state you're shipping from and which state you're shipping to, since various states prohibit the direct shipment of wine and other alcoholi... Read More »

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Can you send wine by mail to Alabama?

Direct shipping of wine, beer, spirits or other alcoholic beverages is unlawful in Alabama. Consumers are allowed to send wine shipments directly to an Alabama Beverage Control, or ABC, store with ... Read More »

Is it possable in any way to send yourself through the mail?

I have a friend who ships dogs every now and then. He just uses a large dog crate and makes sure it is labeled on all sides that it contains live animals. I guess that you could dress in a dog suit... Read More »

Can you send a home video through Yahoo mail?

Yes, you can send a home video through your Yahoo mail account as long as your video's file size is not greater than 10 megabytes. If you have a Yahoo Plus email account, the file size for your hom... Read More »

How to Configure Outlook SMTP Outgoing Mail Server to Send Through Gmail?

Google’s free email offering, Gmail, allows you to access your email account via IMAP. This means you can use Microsoft Outlook to read and write email and the account will stay in sync across ap... Read More »