Can I send alcohol through UPS?

Answer In general, UPS does ship wine or alcohol. For licensed wine shippers, special arrangements can be made to ship alcoholic products via UPS for commercial purposes. Even then, there is no delivery... Read More »

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My friend send me mobile phone through usps and Your item was processed through our CHICAGO, IL 60666 facility?

You are too paranoid. They won't update it now until it is in your hometown. If it is going via surface - that could be up to 5 days, or 2 days by air.

How come your samsung galaxy y will never finish downloading pictures you receive through text or send pictures through text?

I don't know if it is supported anymore but if it is, connect you device to computer, open iTunes, and check for a new update

Can I ship alcohol through UPS?

Only some individuals are permitted to ship alcohol through UPS. You must be an approved customer who is licensed to ship alcohol, and have an agreement with UPS. Approved customers only can ship t... Read More »

Duration of drinking to go through alcohol withdrawals?

1 night won't bring back withdraws. Alcohol mimics certain neurotransmitters (such as GABA which regulates blood pressure). When you all of a sudden take it away after long term consumption, your... Read More »