Can I sell cigarrettes online which were purchased legally and state tax paid on?

Answer No.

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If you live with your mom and your dad lives in Oklahoma and left when you were 7 and he hasn't paid any child support but you still want to live with him are you legally allowed to do so?

Answer it all depends on your gae. for example, if you're 18 YES

How could you get a lien if you were the treasurer for a condo assocation and you did not live in it but paid the expenses personally then never received repayment-State of Mass.?

Take your evidence or proof of your expenses to an condominium-savvy attorney. As well, show the attorney the governing documents for the association, and the paper trail covering your expenditures... Read More »

How are apps purchased on an iPhone paid for?

Apps purchased through the App Store (either from an iPhone / iPod Touch, or via iTunes) are charged to the credit card on file with the iTunes account. Alternately, iTunes gift card credit may be ... Read More »

Is a charge off purchased by another lender considered paid?

When a creditor decides to charge-off a debt, it does not mean that the debt is not owed. The creditor is simply transfers the account usually to a collection agency for it to try to recover some o... Read More »