Can I select which server I use for internet browsing?

Answer Hey!No, you can not. Tracking down other IP addresses is commonly illegal until or unless you have the permission to do so. So, there is no way to find/track down IP addresses.â‚® ᗪᴀʀᴋɴᴇs... Read More »

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How to Add Tab Browsing to Internet Explorer 6?

The "tabbed browsing" feature on a Web browser allows users to open more than one Web page without opening a new window. This function saves time by making it easier to click back and forth between... Read More »

Safe Internet Browsing Tips?

Any time a home computer is connected to the Internet, it is exposed to security risks. Some safe browsing practices help protect the computer and all information stored there from viruses and from... Read More »

Is browsing internet a basic feature in all 3d tv's?

Nopes. Some have it some don't. You need to ask the retailer for additional information or simply Google.

The tv turned on by itself while i'm browsing the internet about illuminati?

It turned on because you hit the remote. Duh.