Can I see Jupiter in the night or morning sky?

Answer Jupiter is at times visible to the naked eye, while at other times it's nearly impossible to see because of its proximity to the sun. In the northern hemisphere, Jupiter will rise in the southeast ... Read More »

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How to Find Jupiter in the Night Sky?

Jupiter's massive size does not equate to ease in finding it through the maze of other celestial bodies in the night sky, although it is a "naked-eye" planet. Locating factors include constellation... Read More »

When is Jupiter visible in the night sky?

Jupiter is most visible in the night sky in September. Jupiter is not visible during the first few months of the year, because it is hidden behind the sun. It emerges in the morning by late March a... Read More »

Shower morning or night?

Try morning showers 3 days in a row, then night showers 3 days in a row.Which made you feel better? Choose it.Sometimes you'll need both, sometimes you'd like an afternoon shower, but it's good to ... Read More »

Morning vs night shower?

I would definitely shower in the morning because of the oily skin. I know it takes up time, I hate it, too, but it's worth it. I have oily hair now because postpartum hormonal changes and there's n... Read More »