Can I scan documents with an old copier (Xerox machine)?

Answer You would be better off buying a standalone high-speed scanner. Chances are the old copier does not scan to network. It would be difficult at best to use such capability even if the machine boots u... Read More »

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How to scan a passport size photo using canon printer, scanner *** xerox machine without A4 size?

Unfortunately, my friend, you don't. If it's loaded with A4 sized paper, this is the only size that will come out of the machine.

When was the xerox copier invented?

The Xerox machine was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938. Carlson was a patent attorney who created the first copy machine in a makeshift lab in Queens, New York. The Haloid Company, which is toda... Read More »

Who patented the Xerox copier in 1873?

The Xerox copier was not patented in 1873. The Xerox company did not come into existence until 1906. Back then, they were named The Habloid Company and they made and sold paper. They became Xerox i... Read More »

How do I Add Toner to a Xerox 5328 Copier?

When the toner in your Xerox 5328 copier runs out, you'll need to replace the toner cartridge as soon as possible. If the old toner cartridge is empty, you'll either be unable to print or your prin... Read More »