Can I safely use Windex to clean expensive Sony flat panel monitor?

Answer yeah sure go for it

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How do i clean my new flat panel monitor safely?

Best thing to do is not treat it like a federal issue....any soft non scratchy cloth and some watered down alcohol or vinegar or even plain water dampened cloth...obviously dont spray anything dire... Read More »

How to Clean a Flat Panel Monitor?

A flat panel monitor requires some extra care when cleaning. Since the surface is antistatic and softer than a glass panel CRT monitor, using improper cleaning methods can cause damage, such as scr... Read More »

Things to Look for in a Flat Panel PC Monitor?

The majority of the information a user receives from a computer such as typewritten information, images and video is displayed using a monitor, making the monitor a very important component of the ... Read More »

How to Open a Dell Flat Panel Monitor?

Dell was one of the first online computer retailers. The company allowed you to order an entire computer system from the comfort of your home. Although it has a lot of online retail competition th... Read More »