Can I run the dishwasher water lines behind a stove?

Answer why would you wanna do that i , i dont think you should because i have a 6' kitchen and the gas/ plumbing locations are set by building regsalso I'm looking for some solid reasons by a plumber or ... Read More »

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A weird dream about an apartment with an extra room that was hiding behind a wall in a kitchen behind stove?

Hi!Usually hidden places are an inner self telling about something you might want to be doing but not yet have had the courage to do; maybe you are hiding a talent and need support to start working... Read More »

How to Install Tile Behind a Wood Stove?

Installing tile behind a wood stove is a moderately simple process. While any type of tile makes a decent background for the stove, certain kinds offer additional benefits. Clay and ceramic tiles s... Read More »

Can aluminum tiles be used behind a wood stove?

In most cases, aluminum tiles behind a wood stove would be fine. Aluminum has a melting point of 660°C (1220°F), a temperature that few wood stoves can consistently produce. Just be aware that th... Read More »

How to Install Heat Shield Behind a Wood Stove?

In recent years, many homeowners have turned to wood stoves to heat their homes instead of natural gas or electricity. Wood, a renewable resource, is gaining in popularity as a source for heat in u... Read More »