Can I run my VOIP phone on a wireless router?

Answer Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) phones are usable with any type of wireless router through the use of an Internet Protocol, WIFI Phone or Analogue Telephone Adapter. One adapter is necessary fo... Read More »

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How to Connect a VoIP Phone to a Router?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone service is designed to replace the need for landline telephone service, delivering your voice calls over a broadband Internet connection rather than coppe... Read More »

Can a wireless router be connected to a wired router to make a wireless connection?

connect one of the ports (NOT the WAN) on the back of your wireless router to the wall jack the Landlord has setup. Make sure your router is set to a different IP range compared to the Landlords r... Read More »

How to Connect My Cell Phone to My Belkin N-Wireless Router?

Today's advanced mobile phones, known as "smartphones," are capable of joining home wireless networks like those generated by your Belkin router. Logging in to a network is typically faster than re... Read More »

I plan on getting a Wireless Router. Do you have to keep the internet service to use the Wireless Router?

No you dont have to. You can get a wireless router Belkin N1 is one of the best ones for about £40.00 you get great fast connection. You can buy one and then search for wireless networks and conne... Read More »