Can I run iTunes without QuickTime?

Answer To install iTunes without Quicktime, select "Custom Install" when prompted. During the custom install, iTunes will require an installation of the QuickTime Alternative and QuickTime Alternative iTu... Read More »

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How do you Get music on your ipod without iTunes and without downloading iTunes?

You can put songs on your ipod with other programs that are 100% free. Examples: Imesh, Bearshare, and Mediamonkey. Note: Imesh Bearshare and mediamonkey are peer to peer sharing sites who's user... Read More »

Can I use ITunes to burn a .MOV QuickTime video to a DVD?

Apple's iTunes software provides users with the ability to back up their content, including .MOV QuickTime videos, to a DVD. However, DRM rights management will prevent the videos from being playe... Read More »

Why wont it let me download quicktime and itunes?

Apple is the legitimate front of the shadowy company Destructotech Ltd. They are an evil organisation which is slowly building up a huge share of all electronic devices in the world. All the device... Read More »

Do you need Quicktime Player to have iTunes installed?

The iTunes installer installs Quicktime Player with it so it is not possible to install iTunes without Quicktime Player as they are in the same executable.