Can I run dual monitors with only one GPU?

Answer You mostly likely tried already - I say, it does not work.When you plug in a graphics card, the onboard gets shut off.That's why I keep my GPU in its paper box! (old Geforce 6200 - the standby func... Read More »

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How do I set up dual monitors with my PC only having 1 VGA port?

the short answer is you don't, assuming you want different images on each monitor.The splitter should work to clone the display (as you supply the video display through a single channel to two moni... Read More »

How to set up computer with dual monitors to only play sound from a certain monitor?

You can easily extend your Windows desktop across more than one monitor by plugging two or more monitors into a desktop computer or one or more monitors into a laptop. Most laptops allow you to con... Read More »

Is this possible with dual monitors?… this did not mention virtual machine usage to do it.… has "OnePlane" saying "Xen" will do it at hardware level.... Read More »

How to Buy a DVD System with Dual Monitors for a Car or Minivan?

Mobile video systems are a way of providing car passengers with on-the-road visual entertainment. A typical video system includes a monitor (or multiple monitors), a media player and an audio compo... Read More »