Can I run Nero 8 on different computers?

Answer Technically, you can run Nero 8 on multiple computers with the same license; it will be fully operational. However, you can only legally use as many copies of Nero 8 as you have licenses, so if you... Read More »

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Do different computers have different IP addresses if they are using the same internet connection?

If both your father's computer and your computer are connecting to the same router...You and your father's computer will have a different private IP address.You and your father's computer will have... Read More »

How to Compare Different Laptop Computers?

There are dozens of laptop manufacturers, and each one has a few dozen models or more. When you decide to buy a laptop, even if you are an experienced user, you may at first have trouble narrowing ... Read More »

Four different types of computers?

You can generally break up computers into categories as follows:1. The personal pc2. The mini computer w/multiple user capabilities3. The main frame computer w/multiple user capabilities4. The Serv... Read More »

How to Back Up an iPod on Two Different Computers?

Have multiple computers and want to back up your iPod on some of them? This simple guide will show you how, completely free. It also works great for copying your friends' music off their iPod too.