Can I revert my netbook back to Windows 7 Starter if I have the product key?

Answer The product key on the back of your netbook is for a restoration image that should be on your HDD. If you reformatted your harddrive, you're out of luck. If you haven't, though, you're good. Just r... Read More »

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How can i restablish a password in Windows 7 Starter if it's the only user on the netbook?

Take it in to a computer shop and they'll have some clever way of fixing things.Otherwise, make the password something memorable next time.

I have MSIE 7 and it is very buggy. How do I revert back to the previous version easily?

Simply go to Add Remove Program under your Control Panel. Uninstall IE 7.0 and your IE version will rollback to its version 6.0 state.You should understand that IE 7.0 is still under beta testing. ... Read More »

Can I revert back to Win 7?

I don't have the answer to your question BUT I'd just like to say thank you. I get so tired of seeing people on here in dire straits because they installed Windows 8 beta and didn't like it and now... Read More »

How to Revert Back to Internet Explorer 7?

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) allows you to browse the Internet. Internet Explorer 8 is IE7's successor. Occasionally, you may run into compatibility errors between your updated browser and add-ons suc... Read More »