Can I reverse a cold that I'm coming down with?

Answer Basically, treat your symptoms. Take Acetaminophen ( Tylenol ) for aches and chills. Do you have a fever ?? you mentioned that you have the chills, which can be caused from a fever.Plus, you have a... Read More »

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I'm coming down with a cold are there any good remedies that don't involve popping pills?

I have some suggestions. A couple of them involve taking something orally, but you can try the other suggestions first. The "pill-popping" that I suggest is with natural herbs and dietary supplemen... Read More »

When pouring grease down the kitchen sink, which would be better to flush it down with, warm or cold water?

Don't wash it down the sink at all...just wait until it cools and congeals, then scrape it into the trash with a paper towel. If you simply must pour it down the sick, start the hot water and let i... Read More »

What are the effects of growing an extra front tooth that is coming in upside down?

Answer you're going to need to get that pulled because it's going to start to become irritated and it shouldn't be growing upside down. Answer You should see a dentist right away because that tooth... Read More »

We all know that computers are coming down in price, how much was your 1st model and when?

My first PC was a viglen Genie 386 dx 33 mhz with 4 meg Ram and 100mb hard drive. It also had a huge 1mb display card.(MS Dos 5 and windows 3.1)It was 1992 (ish) and cost £1200.Memory upgrades wer... Read More »