Can I retrive this document?

Answer Sorry, but no, there really isn't any way to retrieve a document off your computer if it was never saved. If it was saved & deleted, that's another story, but if it was never saved, there is no fil... Read More »

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How do you retrive iphone 4 app?

Help! is it possible to retrive deleted files from my PC?

Don't computers have an option these days where you can restore it to the past? Sorry, I know next to nothing about this but I thought you could basically take a "picture" of your whole computer a... Read More »

How do you retrive lost photos on iphone 4 no backup files?

Sadly, they aren't making anymore episodes. So everybody just basiclly waster $4.99

How do i perform a "system restore" on my PC To retrive lost data?

System Restore will not get that data back. You will need specialized software to retrieve it and even then you may not get it back.