Can I replace my LCD monitor's screen with one way glass?

Answer Yes a LCD screen can be replaced with one way glass but it won't be of any use as a monitor.The only way someone can actually watch you (as in knowing what color shirt your wearing) is if you have ... Read More »

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Can you replace a casement window screen with glass?

You cannot replace a casement window screen with glass. In place of an insect screen, you can add a storm window or removable glazing panel that will typically fit over the same area that an insect... Read More »

How to Remove the Trim on a Storm Door to Replace the Glass With A Screen?

Full-view storm doors have removable glass and screen panels. The glass and screen panels secure to the door with retainers. Removing the retainers requires prying them away from the door. The reta... Read More »

I have gotten new FLAT screen monitors. What can i do with the old BIG ones Do they resell or recycle?

Donate them. Let's say that you get a buyer at eBay for $10. The Shipping would cost WAY more than the price that you get. If you DONATE them to a qualified 501(c)3 charity, you can deduct the... Read More »

Can you replace the iPhone 4 glass with the 4S glass?

This depends on what version of the model but anything from £399 upwords.