Can I remove wallpaper from drywall with a steam iron?

Answer To remove wallpaper from drywall with a steam iron, fill the iron with water and allow it to get to maximum temperature. Hold the iron 2 inches away from the wall and, starting at the edge and work... Read More »

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How do I use a steam iron to remove wallpaper?

Scoring the WallpaperMake several tiny holes in the wallpaper with a scoring tool. Use the tool sporadically over the entire wallpapered surface to allow the steam to penetrate the backing and adhe... Read More »

How to Remove Wallpaper from Drywall?

Do you need to remove wallpaper from drywall? This method is quick and easy, so please read on.

How do I remove wallpaper from drywall (sheetrock)?

Chemical StrippingCover floors with drop cloths to prevent damage to them from the stripping process. Mix a commercial product made for wallpaper removal with water as directed on the package. Use ... Read More »

Can I remove wallpaper with the Euro-Pro Steam Blaster?

Steam breaks up the connection between wallpaper's adhesive and the surface of the wall, so the Euro-Pro Steam Blaster, with 1400 watts of power and the ability to generate steam at 212 degrees F, ... Read More »