Can I remove the Dreamweaver or Flash logo, and send the site to a friend?

Answer Web pages are nothing more than text file documents with HTML tags. And they have various other files used with them to assist and/or be part of what is being displayed, such as: CSS . . . . . . (... Read More »

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How to Send a Web Page From a Site to a Friend?

Some web browsers format email messages with the contents of a web page with a single click. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari have "Send Page" or "Send Contents of This Page" comma... Read More »

How to Upload an FTP to a Site With Dreamweaver CS4?

Dreamweaver is a website design program that allows you to set FTP preferences so you can have as little or as much control over uploading files as you want. FTP stands for file transfer protocol, ... Read More »

How to Create a Site Map in Dreamweaver?

A site map in Dreamweaver provides you with an internal architecture of your website because it shows you a visual hierarchy of all of your Web pages and how they link together. If you are using Dr... Read More »

How to Upload My Web Site From Dreamweaver to Bluehost?

Bluehost is a web-hosting provider for individuals and businesses. The company provides web space on computers running the Linux operating system, customized with Apache Web Server. Customers of th... Read More »