Can I refinance with liens on my house?

Answer A credit report and a title search will be conducted to see if the borrower or home has any liens against it. A mortgage cannot be refinanced until all liens against the home are paid in full. Docu... Read More »

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Can I Refinance to Pay Off Liens?

If there is sufficient equity to meet a lender's cash-out refinance requirements, you can use loan proceeds to pay off liens. Lenders consider loans used to pay off debts other than mortgage obliga... Read More »

Types of House Liens?

A lien is a claim of ownership in a property until a debt is paid. Creditors file liens on houses in an attempt to guarantee payment. A house cannot be sold or mortgaged further until a lien is pai... Read More »

How do I refinance a house?

People refinance their homes for a variety of reasons: to consolidate bills, to reduce monthly mortgage payments or to pay for medical or other unexpected expenses. The reason you wish to refinance... Read More »

How to Refinance a House in Pennsylvania?

Refinancing a home in Pennsylvania is much the same as in any other state. While the banking system in the United States is separated on a state by state basis, most of the regulations governing ba... Read More »