Can I record my movies on DVD to an external hard drive then connect that to my dish network vip722k DVR to create a home library of all my movies?

Answer You can ask for anything. If the landlord approved the dish at some point, he can't now ask to have it removed. If he did not give permission, then he probably can.

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What happens if you connect a 1 TB external hard drive to your Dish Network DVR?

The DISH Network headquarters are located in Englewood, Colorado.

How can you play in your PC dish network pvr movies in a usb hard drive.?

You can go to to find channels and programming of shows you would like to view. In the upper right hand corner of the page select Check TV Schedule. On the next screen, select y... Read More »

Can I record to an external hard drive with the Dish 625?

The Dish 625 DuoDVR satellite television set-top box does not support an external hard drive, even though it has a USB port. The 612, 622, 722 and 722k Dish receivers, however, do support use of a... Read More »

Is there Any Tv that can play movies from my external hard drive?

The only way i knowto do that at least for me was to hook the hard drive up to my xbox 360 via the usb port, then go through xbox 360 dashboard to external device click on and play from there, the ... Read More »