Can I record audio from two sources at the same time on one computer?

Answer Using a cable, you are only splitting the left and the right stereo channels. So If you were to split your computer's Line IN, you could record the game on the left and the mic on the right.Most s... Read More »

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Is it possible to use electric power from 2 different sources at the same time?

The technique and technology exists and is widely used in solar power installations. You'll need a device called a "grid tie inverter". It's job is to take power from your DC source and convert it ... Read More »

How to Record Specific Audio Sources in Vista?

Microsoft Windows Vista includes integrated audio source configuration and recording software. Unlike earlier versions of Windows that displayed different audio sources on a specific device as diff... Read More »

How to Record Audio From Computer Speakers?

Recording sound from your computer's speakers is a great idea if you find music or other audio that you want to archive. Windows includes a program called Sound Recorder. This program records audio... Read More »

How to Record Audio From Cassette to Computer?

Magnetic audio cassette tapes deteriorate over time to due age, wear, dust and temperature/humidity fluctuations. If you have some cherished recordings on cassette tape that you don't want to lose,... Read More »