Can I receive collect calls on a cell phone?

Answer Many major brands, including AT&T, allow you to receive collect calls on a cell phone. Service providers vary, so check with your service provider to obtain their policy before attempting to receiv... Read More »

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How much does it cost to receive international phone calls on cell phones?

There is no additional charge to receive an international call on your cell phone as long as you are within your service area. If you are roaming outside of the U.S. your carrier may charge as much... Read More »

How Do I Receive Collect Calls on Metro PCS?

Metro PCS is a cell phone provider offering service throughout the United States (although not as large of a provider as AT&T and Verizon). While using a wireless cell phone through Metro PCS it is... Read More »

Can cell phones accept collect calls?

Answer There are other independent companies who also have options for placing collect calls to cell phones. Fully automated service with txt message invoicing. --------------... Read More »

How can I intercept my husbands cell phone calls and text messages from his cell phone?

Go first to a relationship counselor, because your issue is not whether or not he's talking to someone else, it's that you don't trust him. Your relationship is in trouble whether or not he's cheat... Read More »