Can I really use superglue to hold the edges of a cut together?

Answer YES!!!! It's a temporary fix until you can get to the doctor. What it does is, it blocks the air from getting to the nerve endings therefore stopping the pain. It's not a permanent solution, but... Read More »

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If i use a superglue remover to remove them, is it ok to use superglue to apply false nails?

Please don't do that. It will damage your natural nails, and it'd be nice to have natural nails to attach the false ones to. And it's going to hurt to remove, even with superglue remover.

How to Hold a Marriage Together when All Seems Lost?

There is a time and place for divorce and wise is the couple that follows through sooner than later. Yet, sometimes couples discover that all appears to be lost when in fact the marriage can be sal... Read More »

Can you put super glue on an open cut to hold skin together?

I can't remember what they are called but get those strip bandages that are for cuts like that. Maybe someone will know what I am talking about and finish up this response. Sorry about that cut. Ouch!

What tv show did Malcolm mcdowell hold the universe together in?

Heroes because that show went down the shithole after they killed him off at the end of the season.