Can I raise my credit score by closing out an inactive credit account?

Answer On One Hand: Closing Inactive Credit Accounts Will Not HelpMost experts agree that closing inactive credit accounts will not improve your credit score. According to John Ulzheimer at, cl... Read More »

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Can i raise my credit score by closing inactive credit?

On One Hand: Closing Inactive Credit Decreases Credit ScoreAccording to Jeremy Simon at Fox Business, closing inactive credit will likely cause a decrease in your credit score. One important factor... Read More »

Does opening an inactive store account hurt your credit score?

Opening an inactive store account will hurt your credit score. Any credit card that is not active will have a negative impact on your overall credit score. All credit card companies provide informa... Read More »

Will closing a credit card account affect my credit score?

Closing a zero-balance credit card account can negatively impact a credit score. This is because a credit score is based in part on the debt to available credit ratio. Therefore, when a zero-balanc... Read More »

Do i need to make charges on my credit each month to raise my credit score?

On One Hand: No ChargesBuilding good credit doesn't need to require any action on your part. What builds good credit scores is using 10 percent or less of the available credit on the card and payin... Read More »