Can I put wallpaper on a kitchen counter?

Answer On One Hand: Decorating VersatilityWallpaper can be applied to kitchen counters as long as the counter has a smooth surface. This works easiest with wallpaper that has an adhesive backing, but can ... Read More »

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How do i wallpaper a kitchen counter?

PrepareMeasure the countertop's width and length to determine how much wallpaper will be needed to complete the project. Buy paper, moisture-resistant paste and clear lacquer. A good rule of thumb ... Read More »

What is the recommended distance between a kitchen counter&a kitchen island?

The minimum recommended distance between a kitchen counter or run of cabinets is 36 inches. This distance can vary, however, depending on appliance clearance requirements, desired work flow or the ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Cat Off the Kitchen Counter?

Cats are naturally curious creatures. For most cats, one of the safest and most desirable places to be is on a higher shelf, such as your kitchen counter. The view from this height can allow to cat... Read More »

How to Cut a Kitchen Counter?

Installing new countertops yourself can save you a lot of money, since labor is a large part of renovation costs. Different countertop materials will require different tools and different cutting t... Read More »