Can I put polished river rock in my aquarium?

Answer On One Hand: Polished River Rocks Are Great For AquariumsPolished river rocks are a great way to spruce up an aquarium. Rocks that have remained underwater so long they have become polished are gen... Read More »

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Does lava rock affect aquarium water?

The use of lava rock in aquariums, as long as it is clean, does not really affect any of the water parameters--pH, hardness, an do on. In fact, lava rock is often used in reef tanks. However, it is... Read More »

How to Calculate River Rock?

River rocks can add a decorative accent or be a major feature of a landscaping project. Part of the planning process involves calculating how much river rock to buy by figuring out how many cubic y... Read More »

Could I use River Rock for a firepit?

Rive rock or sandstone is not ideal for fire pit walls because it will break after a long exposure to high heat but if you have so much and are just stacking it you could just replace pieces when n... Read More »

How to Paint a River Rock?

Painting a river rock can give you a fun way to preserve a rock you brought home from a favorite trip. It is also a fantastic hobby, that has become extremely popular. You do not have to take lesso... Read More »