Types of Navel Piercing?

Answer Navel piercings, which are also called bellybutton piercings, are body modifications made by piercing a metal or other object through the navel or around its rim. While all navels can be pierced, t... Read More »

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Navel (Belly) Piercing: Hot or Not?

depends where and how many some people go way over the top but a few piercings is definately hot but only like 2 or 3 dont go mad

How to Care for a Navel Piercing?

After you get a navel piercing, you will be responsible to care for it and make sure that it heals properly. If you do not take good care of your navel piercing during the weeks following the proce... Read More »

How to Hide a Navel Piercing?

Whether you work for a conservative company, and don’t want your boss to know about your navel piercing, or you have parents who would freak at the sight of your belly button ring, there are a fe... Read More »

How to Remove a Navel Piercing?

If you have a navel piercing, also known as a belly button piercing, and want to remove it, you must do so with caution in order to prevent the possibility of an infection forming at the piercing s... Read More »