Can I put my chip in someone else's phone?

Answer You can take out the SIM Card--the brain of your phone--out of your phone and put it into another. Any pictures, addresses, phone number, movies, music and service related information transfers wit... Read More »

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Can i use someone elses phone to replace my own phone on my at&t line?

Go down to the store and ask them. If you are on the same provider, then probably.

How can you call using someone elses phone number?

I dont think that you can, using a regular phone, However, if you havee ana iphone there is an application called the Spoof Id Caller.

Can you put the chip from a pay-as-you-go phone into any cell phone?

Whether you can swap a chip from a pay-as-you-go phone depends on the provider. In the U.S., many pay-as-you-go phones are on a CDMA network, which uses internal memory, not SIM cards. In Europe, m... Read More »

I lost my phone and my phone chip please help !!!!?

if you are in india you can get the same no. instantly. just visit the companies office with a photocopy of your id and a photo of yours. and you will get the sim instantly. do not forget to get yo... Read More »