Can I put movies done on DVD Shrink on my iPod?

Answer DVD Shrink is freeware that backs up copies of DVDs. It compresses movies and the output is in the MP2 file format. It is not possible to play those files on an iPod. Movies that play on iPods mus... Read More »

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Does DVD Shrink 3.2 work on double layer DVD movies?

Yes, DVD Shrink 3.2 (and most earlier versions) works on dual-layer discs and almost any other type of disc. Problems can arise, however, when attempting to copy double-layer discs with certain cop... Read More »

My tattoo is leaking a lot of fluid after shrink wrapping two days after I got it done ?

Did you leave the wrap on for 2 days??Or just put it on for a time two days after getting it??I put paper towel on my tatts and cover that with cling wrap to protect my bedding overnight because th... Read More »

How do you know the iPod is done charging?

There willbe a small plug-in sign in the battery bar where the lightning bolt normally is when charging.

Can you make videos from a home movie camera look like professionally done movies?

There are lots of things to know...1) Understand the limitations and capabilities of the camera.This was all shot on a cellphone:…2) Video is only part of... Read More »