Can I put ceramic tiles over vinyl flooring?

Answer It is never a good idea to put ceramic floor tile over vinyl flooring. Ceramic tile is extremely hard and has no "give" or flexibility. Should the linoleum ever shift underneath, there is a much gr... Read More »

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Can I install ceramic tiles over ceramic tile flooring?

I don't think I would, if it is a shiny glazed tile in place now, There wont be a bond between the old and new tiles. If the current tile is a rough slate tile, maybe. Check the recommedations of... Read More »

Can vinyl flooring be installed over ceramic tile flooring?

Definitly do not do this. Out with the old in with the new.Or only if u have to save money, and only if the tile is horriffic. Would hve to smooth tile with leveler.

Can you put wood flooring over ceramic tiles?

yes you can if the floor is flat and has not cracks in the tile. if you glue the flooring to the tiles fill in any low spots with leveling compound. If the wood floor is being glued to a slick tile... Read More »

How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tiles Over Vinyl?

If you have a vinyl floor and want to move up to ceramic tile, you can lay the ceramic over the vinyl with the proper preparation. Before laying the tile, make sure the vinyl is solid and firmly ad... Read More »