Can I put carpet tiles over hardwood?

Answer On One Hand: Carpet Tiles Can Be Put Over HardwoodCarpet tiles can be put over hardwood; in fact, this is a good way to install carpeting without damaging hardwood floors. Peel-and-stick carpet til... Read More »

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Can you lay carpet tiles over outdoor carpet?

It is possible to do but not a recommended practice Carpet tiles are designed to be installed over a stable surface. Even if you use one of the solvent based outdoor adhesives there will be some m... Read More »

Are carpet tiles cheaper than carpet installation?

Carpet tiles can be less expensive than laying wall-to-wall carpet because professional installation is not necessary. However, they also can be more expensive over time because of repair and repla... Read More »

Can you put wallpaper over wall tiles or do the tiles have to be removed?

remove the tiles, which may mean you might have to plaster again to put new wallpaper on as the plaster might not be even after removing the tiles.wallpaper paste dosen't stick on slippery surfaces.

Can i put cork tiles over ceramic tiles?

On One Hand: It's Relatively SimpleSome cork tiles are "floating," which means that they simply sit on top of the existing flooring. If you choose a non-floating cork tile, ensure that the floor is... Read More »