Can I put a bamboo floor in a cottage?

Answer On One Hand: Bamboo Floors would Work in a CottageBamboo flooring is known for its strength and durability. The strength of the material depends on how old the plant was when it was harvested; thre... Read More »

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Is Tergaren synergy bamboo floor better than stranded bamboo flooring?

Stranded bamboo is a generic style, whereas Teragren Synergy is Teragren's brand name for the stranded style. To answer the question would require comparison of the two company's products. Things ... Read More »

Cost Comparison of Bamboo Floor & Cork Floor?

Bamboo floors and cork floors are both popular flooring options for homes in the United States. In some ways the two are very similar. They are both very renewable materials, for instance, and both... Read More »

Can a bamboo floor be installed over an in-floor heater?

On One Hand: Engineered BambooYou can install a bamboo floor over radiant heat, also know as in-floor heating. Engineered bamboo floor is best for use over radiant heat, according to Greenhome Gui... Read More »

Can Bamboo Floor Be Installed Over In-Floor Heat?

As bamboo floors are installed in an increasing number of homes in the United States, they are being combined with other types of systems, such as the energy-efficient radiant heating system. Homeo... Read More »