Can I put a Vodafone sim card into a talk mobile phone?

Answer If its unlocked to Vodafone the sim will work if its not you will have to get it unlocked.

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Can i use my mobile phone if vodafone has blocked it?

VodaFone International phone service blocks cellular phones using the phone's 15 digit IMEI identification number. Blocking this number renders it useless in any of the cellular service provider n... Read More »

How to Unlock a Vodafone 810 Mobile Phone?

If you want your Vodafone 810 to work with a different network provider, the phone must be unlocked. This means replacing the SIM card with one from your new provider and entering a special code.

You have an old vodafone sim card If you get a new iphone 4 at tesco will it work or would you have to buy it from a vodafone shop?

Yes,but it costs $600 for the upgrade sugestion is that you just cancel your current iphone contract for $150,and get a iphone 4 for $200 plus the activation fee,and you will have a iphone ... Read More »

Can you take a sim card out of a T-mobile motorola phone and use it in a T-mobile Samsung phone?

yes, as long as the sim card fits you can do it- i have