Can I put 2 phone numbers on one Rogers SIM card?

Answer A SIM, or Subscriber Identity Module, card is a small computer chip mobile users need to make and receive calls. The chip holds the user's subscriber profile as well as any names and phone numbers ... Read More »

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Can I use a Virgin SIM card in a Rogers phone?

A Virgin SIM card can be used in a Rogers phone only if it has been unlocked. A "locked" phone has software installed that only enables it to recognize the SIM card of a particular carrier. Unlocki... Read More »

Can i use a Bell SIM card in a Rogers phone?

It is possible to use a Bell Mobility SIM card on a Rogers Wireless telephone. Both Bell Mobility and Rogers operate GSM networks in Canada at both 850 and 1900 Megahertz.References:GSMWorld: Canada

Is there ANY way that you can trace the phone numbers dialled when using a phone card?

no way, so breath easily!!the only way you can trace anything coming from your home phone is, with a callerID manager....!this is a little gizmo you put between the phone and phone jack!!! here is ... Read More »

How do you save phone numbers to the sim card?

Answergo to contacts, options, back up contacts, save to sim card