Can I prevent specific people from seeing Facebook videos I upload?

Answer the same way you prevent them from seeing anything else, just use the audience selector to control who can see it

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How do i upload videos faster on facebook?

when u pull up ur enternet windowclick toolsenternet optionsthendelete filesdelete cookiesclear history(click the arrows till they say 0)then turn of ur enternet windowand try to upload the videoho... Read More »

How to Upload Videos From Your Droid Phone to Facebook?

While some smart phones, such as the iPhone, upload videos directly from the device to Facebook, Motorola's Android (commonly known as the Droid) does not have the capability. However, there are tw... Read More »

How do you upload videos from a digital camera to your mac to facebook?

It depends on the camera, mine you just plug it into the computer and look in videos and click on it and extract it to a folder. Once you have it in a recognizable folder, you just go to face book,... Read More »

On do people know if someone specific visited their profile?

No. They have that "anti-stalking" application but that doesn't work. It's only there as a scare tactic type thing. See if you go on someone's page (say Bob Smith's page) and they have that appl... Read More »