Can I prevent specific people from seeing Facebook videos I upload?

Answer the same way you prevent them from seeing anything else, just use the audience selector to control who can see it

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Is it possible to stop specific 'non friends' on facebook from seeing certain parts of your profile?

No.Even if it was possible, all your "non friends" have to do is to log in as someone else.NEVER put anything private on Facebook or anywhere else online. Once it goes online, it's PUBLIC. And Face... Read More »

How do I prevent anyone but me from seeing Facebook comments?

No.......The photos are part of the picture........So the same privacy applies for both of the picture and it's comments. Moreover there is no option is facebook which gives you option to set optio... Read More »

If a friend shares a photo with me on Facebook, how do I prevent her from seeing others comments?

Well if your friend's the one who shared it to you then no u cant..

How to block people from seeing pictures on facebook?

You cant block two people from seeing that pic. If that photo's audience is friends or friends of friends then You can add them to restricted list, then they wont see it. Go to privacy settings, yo... Read More »