Can I plug my VCR into my computer?

Answer You can plug a VCR into a computer by using RCA cables to a video capture card. Another way is to use a USB-enabled peripheral, like Pinnacle's Dazzle, that converts the analog video into something... Read More »

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What happens if you plug the iPod nano into the computer when the computer is off?

How to Plug a Microphone Into a Computer?

Computer recording was once a common domain of computer geeks and people with a great deal of technical savvy. As more people discover how to record on a computer however, it has become more mainst... Read More »

How to plug my new camera into my computer?

If you bought it new, then it should have come with a USB cable and a software CD. First load the software, and then connect your camera to PC using the USB cable (these cables have one narrow end... Read More »

How do you plug in a microphone into your computer?

It's on the back of the computer itself. The big box/tower thing that the keyboard, monitor, and speakers are attached to.