Can I plug memory into a computer when it is running?

Answer Never install memory while a computer is running. Installing memory while the computer is on can cause injury and render your system inoperable. Always turn off a computer and unplug the power cord... Read More »

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My computer is running slow, so I decided to upgrade the memory.?

To fix a slow computer you can go to Download reg clean for free.It can clean your computer and restore your system to optimum performance.It works very well for me.... Read More »

Do I have to plug in a flash memory stick before starting a computer?

You can insert a flash memory stick or USB thumb drive with the computer turned on. Thumb drives and memory sticks are "hot swappable," meaning that the computer recognizes and mounts the storage d... Read More »

I am using a computer with windows xp and 704mb of ram. How can I make it quit running out of virtual memory?

Try right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties, then go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button for Performance. Under the "Visual Effects" tab, change that from letting Windows... Read More »

Is running a 1600W Vacuum cleaner on a normal plug using a 5A to 16A converter perfectly safe...Does it have any limitations compared to when run on a 16A plug itself?