Can I plug a dvd player into my home stereo?

Answer On One Hand: Benefits of a StereoDVD (and Blu-Ray) players help bring the movie-going experience to your home by providing high-quality digital video and audio. That experience can be greatly enhan... Read More »

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Can you plug headphones into home stereo speakers?

"Yes, you can do this. Home stereos always have one thing, and that is a head phone jack so if you don't want to disturb other people in your home you can still listen to music."

Can a 6.3mm stereo jack plug into an apple Ipod?

No. You can only use 3.5mm plugs on an iPod. There are adapters however, that change your plug from 6.4mm to 3.5mm.

Can you plug an electric guitar into a 120 watt stereo?

You can use an RCA-to-mono 1/4-inch jack to plug your guitar into your stereo. Simply plug the left and right RCA jacks into one of the inputs on the receiver and the other end into your guitar.Sou... Read More »

Pillow with speakers and plug ipod or mp3 player to it it works but when you plug your android 1.5 phone into the speaker wont play How can you get it to play?