Can I plug a USB keyboard into a laptop?

Answer Sure you can, and many people do this everyday. With laptops becoming increasingly powerful, I know many people who use their laptop as a desktop when at home. They plug keyboards, a mouse and a ... Read More »

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How do i plug in a keyboard to my laptop?

if your keyboard has a usb connection put it in the usb on your laptop. .. if it doesnt get a new can find them for about 10-15 bucks .. or you can get a little adapter that will swit... Read More »

What are the kind of headphones that plug into a (piano) keyboard?

well the head phones are like all other headphones the only difference being the connecting pin what u need to do is look in Ur keyboard manual it will have specifications for the connecting pin .... Read More »

How to Plug a Guitar Into a Laptop?

If you don't have the budget (yet) for a pre-amp, microphone, and other necessary sound-recording equipment, then a simpler, more straightforward solution is needed. Plugging your guitar straight i... Read More »

How to Plug a Laptop Into My TV Screen?

Modern-day television technology provides impressive picture and color quality in all different styles and sizes. While laptops also provide amazing quality, the overall picture size remains small.... Read More »