Can I plug a USB keyboard into a laptop?

Answer Sure you can, and many people do this everyday. With laptops becoming increasingly powerful, I know many people who use their laptop as a desktop when at home. They plug keyboards, a mouse and a ... Read More »

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How do i plug in a keyboard to my laptop?

if your keyboard has a usb connection put it in the usb on your laptop. .. if it doesnt get a new can find them for about 10-15 bucks .. or you can get a little adapter that will swit... Read More »

You hooked your laptop to your stereo via headphone plug to headphone plug with a cord and its really quiet how do you make it loud?

Well unless you actually put them into the electric or music source afterdrying them, they should be working still, otherwise they're dead, or if you see any cuts in the wire, then the wire needs r... Read More »

What are the kind of headphones that plug into a (piano) keyboard?

well the head phones are like all other headphones the only difference being the connecting pin what u need to do is look in Ur keyboard manual it will have specifications for the connecting pin .... Read More »

Why wont your headphones work in your laptop I plug in my headphones and only the laptop speakers play?