Can I please have some help here?

Answer It's probably worthless. It's hard to know w/o the specs. Had you given the model number, that might have helped. Were you able to boot it up? The problem with old laptops is that their batteri... Read More »

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Can we have some help here, my husband is new to insulin?

Did he give himself insulin and not eat as much carbs as he figured? That would make him go low. OJ always makes my son high for a long time. You are right about a cold making his sugars go high to... Read More »

Dr Phil please help you your daugther is to get married oct 18th and she is going thru some real issues you know ms Winfrey thur her child sweet heart Anthony otey please help and to ms oprey please h?

Some insight here, please?

Bob on the UP we have procedures to follow when crossing gates are inoperative.They are listed in our special instructions.There are about 5 different scenarios for us to follow depending on the or... Read More »

Pretty please help me out here girls, i neef your help!- 10 points to best?

Aw, you look pretty! I'm thinking that you should take a little from the length's of your side hairs and make it a little short. Hold on, Imma go get a pic that's only just for you! :-)Maybe, this ... Read More »