Can I play tennis with volleyball shoes?

Answer You can, but it is not recommended and it is bad for your feet. Tennis shoes are designed for the sport and offer support, durability, flexibility for running, movement, starts and stops and cushio... Read More »

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Can I wear volleyball court shoes on tennis courts?

Volleyball-specific shoes can be worn on tennis courts, however, they are not the best choice. Volleyball shoes are designed for smooth indoor surfaces and not abrasive tennis courts. They are made... Read More »

How to Buy Tennis Shoes?

Tennis is a sport that requires much agility and body coordination. Due to the back-and-forth nature of tennis play, as well as the need to constantly switch directions when running, the shoes are ... Read More »

How to Make Volleyball Shoes Smell Good?

Volleyball shoes are designed to help you play the sport better, but sweating feet can cause the shoes to smell. The stench inside the shoes can make them unpleasant to take off and the odor itself... Read More »

How do you get gum off the bottom of tennis shoes?

Freeze it with an ice cube then scrape off with a common head screw driver or use a product called Goo GoneChewing gumRub area with ice, then scrape off with dull blade. Sponge with dry cleaning so... Read More »