Can I play blu ray discs on a normal tv?

Answer Yes. However, if you have your PS3 (acting as a blu-ray player) connected to a normal TV, the highest resolution you can get is 480p. Blu-Ray is meant for a resolution of 1080p. However, the ps3 wi... Read More »

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Can you play 3D Blu-ray discs on a normal TV?

I'm buying a 3d blu ray player, so can I use normal blu ray discs or can I only use 3d lblu ray discs?

Read the manual. It should ALWAYS play DVD's, standard BluRays (from the same country code) as well as 3D. Many will also play MP3 files from a computer burned CD.Who told you it would not play DV... Read More »

Can blu ray discs be played on a normal DVD player?

Do Blue Ray discs have better quality than normal DVDs?

Yes bluray disks have much better quality than regular dvds the pictures better and the disk is also better and harder to scratch. You must have a bluray dve player in order to use it.