Can I play Halo custom edition without Halo PC?

Answer Halo Custom Edition is an expansion of the PC game, Halo: Combat Evolved. In order to install and use Halo Custom Edition, you will need to have the key code you received with Halo: Combat Evolved... Read More »

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How to Get Halo Custom Edition?

Have you started to get bored of the same old Halo? Well there is something called Halo Custom Edition which has new maps and new weapons that you would want to use!

How to Download Maps to Halo Custom Edition (Windows PC Only)?

Have you just waited an hour for Halo Custom Edition (CE) to download and now you can't figure out how to download the maps?Here is how:

Does the Halo edition Xbox have the Falcon chip?

The “Halo 3” edition Xbox 360 consoles come with 65nm Falcon computer chips, but only in consoles built after August 24, 2007. The Falcon chips are smaller and cheaper to make than the Xbox 360... Read More »

How to Get Your Custom Maps Onto Halo: CE?

If you just downloaded a map and cant figure how to get it onto your Halo CE game then read on.