Can I play Blu-ray on my existing DVD player?

Answer Information is retrieved from Blu-ray discs with a blue-violet laser instead of the red laser used to retrieve information from standard DVDs. Therefore, a special Blu-ray player is necessary to pl... Read More »

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I need to know how to connect my new 7.1 Blu-Ray player to my existing 5.1 surround system.?

Yes, a digital coaxial cable will do the same as optical.

Is existing cinema sound system compatible with blue ray player?

Typically, you should avoid movies that want you to download some unknown player... Beware the ScamsYou should also be alert for scams related to video playback. The scams are usually related to "n... Read More »

I have a Phillips DVD player with surround sound. If I buy a Blue ray DVD player say Sony can I replace the Phillips DVD player with a new Blue ray so I can still use the existing surround sound?

No they can't. Most commercial discs have a region code and players will check the region before playing. If the region code is not the same as the player, it simply won't play. This is a commercia... Read More »

Put visualization same as windows media player or similiar on cd to play on DVD player?… Try this website.