Can I plant vegetables near flowers?

Answer On One Hand: Some Plants and Flowers Can Help Each OtherPlanting vegetables near flowers is a common practice and can add to the visual beauty of your garden. Also, certain plants can actually incr... Read More »

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How can I get rid of flowers to plant vegetables?

Cover the whole bed with black plastic for 2 weeks and let it bake in the sun. The heat and lack of sun will kill every kind of seed, root, stems, etc. and it will also "sterilize" the soil of pest... Read More »

When can i plant flowers&vegetables?

On One Hand: When to Plant OutsideIn general, flowers and vegetables should be planted outside after the last spring frost. In most climate zones, planting time falls between late March and early M... Read More »

How to Plant Vegetables and Flowers in Florida?

Planting a vegetable or flower garden in Florida can be a rewarding experience. If you're new to gardening, start small and do your research finding seeds or plants suitable for your geographical a... Read More »

How many seeds from a packet for vegetables and herbs should I plant in the individual plant starter pots?

Always plant 2-3 seeds per cell. Sometimes one of the seeds will not germinate, this way you still have at least one coming up. After they have grown a couple of weeks, pick the best one and snipe ... Read More »