Can I plant tomatoes next to peppers?

Answer Tomatoes and peppers go together in foods, and it appears that there's no problem planting them side-by-side in gardens, either. There is some anecdotal evidence that planting hot peppers beside to... Read More »

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It's supposed to rain all week...should I plant my tomatoes and peppers anyway?

It's supposed to get down to around 38 degrees by Thursday night. In some areas it could get colder. Tomatoes and peppers don't like being cold. I assume you have potted plants, so you might keep... Read More »

What recipe do you have for green peppers and tomatoes?

If you got other ingredients to substitute this, you can do it. the important thing is to lessen the number of peppers and tomatoes in your fridge. hehe. It's called the vegetarian stuffed peppersA... Read More »

Can planting hot peppers next to cantaloupe make them hot?

Peppers and cantaloupes are two different species of plants and cannot cross-pollinate one another. Placing them side by side in the garden will not affect the taste of the cantaloupe.Source:Enclyc... Read More »

Can you grow tomatillos next to tomatoes?

Tomatoes and tomatillos require similar growing conditions. They are members of the same family, yet tomatillos can flourish with less water than tomatoes, so they may be set on the outer edge of t... Read More »