Can I plant tomatoes in a wheelbarrow?

Answer On One Hand: Easy Care PlantsEasy-to-grow tomato plants thrive in all kinds of containers. Old wheelbarrows receive new life as charming tomato planters. Choose smaller tomato varieties suitable fo... Read More »

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Can I plant tomatoes in a pot?

On One Hand: Tomatoes Grow Well in PotsTomato plants have a habit of climbing, which makes it ideal for them to be planted in a very small space, like a container. Pots should be at least 10 inches... Read More »

How do i plant tomatoes in containers?

Pour several inches of potting soil into a container that is at least 16 inches deep with several drainage holes in the bottom. Pull any leaves off of the lower two-thirds of the tomato plant's ste... Read More »

How do I plant organic tomatoes?

SoilFind a sunny location with well-drained and aerated soil. Enrich the soil bed with approximately 2 inches of organic matter such as fallen leaves, compost, rotted manure and vermicast. Poorly d... Read More »

How do i plant bradley tomatoes?

PlantingSelect a planting site that receives at least 7 hours of sun daily. Till the soil 5 inches deep and mix the extracted soil with manure or mulch. Add a 6-24-24 blend fertilizer when mixing t... Read More »