Can I plant tomatoes& corn together?

Answer Do not plant tomatoes and corn together as the plants share a common insect pest. A worm known as both the tomato fruitworm and the corn earworm attacks tomatoes and corn.Source:The Old Farmer's Al... Read More »

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Can I plant tomatoes and potatoes together?

On One Hand: It's Possible and Can Save SpaceYou can combine both plants while planting them, which will make the roots more durable and optimize gardening space. The trick is to hollow a seeding h... Read More »

How to Plant Corn, Pole Beans, & Squash Together?

Planting corn, pole beans and squash together dates back to the native Iroquois Indian of North America, who shared their gardening skills with European settlers. Some early European visitors to No... Read More »

Why are corn fed and real not still together?

because they did not want toWould you stay with a guy who named you "cornfed"??????? think about it

Can I plant tomatoes in a pot?

On One Hand: Tomatoes Grow Well in PotsTomato plants have a habit of climbing, which makes it ideal for them to be planted in a very small space, like a container. Pots should be at least 10 inches... Read More »